Individual therapy provides an opportunity for personal growth, learning tools for desired change and improving relationships.
Individuals enter therapy for a variety of reasons.  Many individuals seek support navigating through change or transitional periods in their lives; others seek support with mental health concerns such as depression, stress or anxiety. Whatever the reason you are considering individual therapy, be confident in the supportive nature of therapy. The journey of self discovery is an exciting opportunity for growth and positive change. 
Couples counseling can be supportive in improving communication, achieving desired intimacy or learning skills to work more successfully in a partnership
Therapists are able to help couples identify their primary challenges.and learn healthy strategies for resolving conflict.
Experts suggest couples enter counseling in the early years of a relationship to prepare for anticipated and necessary changes that will occur. A commitment to the marriage, personal growth and improving communication are requirements for change. 

Family therapy can assist families in connecting with one another in ways that are supportive and healthy for each family member.  Eric Erickson described healthy families as those who were able to adapt to a changing society while maintaining family traditions and values.

When our relationships are out of sync, we feel out of sync.  Allowing an objective party to assist your family in healing or reconnecting requires trust and hope.  It is never too late to repair relationships that need mending:the best day to start is today. 


It can be challenging to connect with teenagers during a transitional phase of life. Complicated factors for teens include family and peer relationships, our rapidly changing society and social media. Teens benefit from having an objective person to assist in this critical time of self-development.

Therapy can assist in easing tensions at home or by offering support to teenagers struggling with their identity and peer or academic pressures.