Stress Reduction Tips

Quick Tips for Stress Reduction

-Take a walk
-Focus on & Control Your Breathing
-Play relaxing music or pick up an instrument
-Call a friend
-Learn and Practice Relaxation Techniques
-Talk yourself through negative thoughts
-Offer to help to someone else
-Use a daily Gratitude Journal
-Write out your concerns-make a written action plan
-Take a break from what you are doing
-Ask yourself if the situation is life threatening
-Create something- use your creative side and make something
-Choose to laugh, smile or be playful
-Get outside for fresh air
-Focus on an object for Mindfulness
-Check for Negative Thoughts-State the opposite positive thought
-Don’t get over-committed, learn to say No when possible
-Prioritize sleep-adequate rest is the key to maintaining health and balance
-Stay Hydrated-Drink Water throughout the day
-Continue Eating a Healthy, Regular Diet
-Have a Catch Phrase that you state routinely through the day

?  I can only control my own actions and reactions
?  I have a great life
?  Everything is going to be ok
?  I have a lot to be grateful for


Make your own list of stress reduction techniques that work for you.  Individuals are relaxed and soothed by different things.  Keep your list somewhere easy to see or on your phone.  Make sure to reference it when feeling stressed and continue to develop your list as you become more aware of what relaxes You.

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