Perfectionist Questionnaire-Am I a Perfectionist?

Perfectionist Questionnaire-Am I a Perfectionist?

Am I a perfectionist?
Many of us like things done well and with precision, but there are some individuals who have difficulty letting go of the slightest imperfection, even if it means appearing unmotivated or resigning to accomplishing nothing._Review the following questionnaire and determine whether you might be a Perfectionist.

Review the statements below, answering if you agree or disagree.

1)     Nothing good comes from making mistakes  

2)    I must do things right the first time    

3)    I must do everything well, not just the things I know I’m good at

4)    If I can’t do something perfectly then there is no point even trying    

5)    I rarely give myself credit when I do well because there’s always something more I could do

6)    Sometimes I am so concerned about getting one task done perfectly that I don’t have time to complete the rest of my work

7)    I frequently have trouble deciding what to wear in the morning.

8)    I find it so difficult to choose a restaurant that it becomes too late to eat out

9)    I have difficulty making choices or decisions for fear I will make the wrong decision

10)  I always try to arrive early to appointments

11)  I feel reassured by asking others to check my work in order to make sure there are no mistakes

12)  I will fold and refold laundry if you can see the edges aren’t exactly even

13)  I need my work space completely tidy and organized before I can work

14)  I repeatedly look in the mirror for facial blemishes

15)  I recheck my work repeatedly, searching for errors

16)  I stop trying in classes, at work or on projects when I feel I am making too many mistakes

17)  I will quit my job or drop a class if I make a mistake and fear being fired or getting a low grade.

18)  I put off starting projects/assignment for fear that it won’t ever be done well enough

19)  I will delay starting a healthy eating plan until the time feels ‘right’, when no birthdays, holidays, or celebrations are nearby

20)  It is hard for me to delegate work because I’m afraid others will make mistakes

21)  I tend to read very slowly to make sure I don’t miss any important information

22)  I often correct people when they mispronounce words

23)  I avoid putting in applications for jobs for fear I will never get them

If you “Agree” with many of the questions, the odds are you are a perfectionist.  (If you are still uncertain, read additional articles and questionnaires about perfectionism on this site.) 

Being a perfectionist has its perks and drawbacks.  If you struggle with perfectionism and chronic stress related to it, learning strategies to change thought patterns and behaviors can help.
It is never too late to embrace being imperfect.

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