Anxiety Uninterrupted Part III: What are you hiding as a result of chronic stress and anxiety?

Anxiety Uninterrupted Part III: What are you hiding as a result of chronic stress and anxiety?

What are you hiding as a result of your stress and fear: common phobias and behaviors we hide from others?

If you have chronic anxiety, you may be relieved to hear that many of your fears, phobias, and behaviors are also experienced by others.  Feel reassured that you are not alone in the development of irrational fear or behavior changes that result from the fatigue and overwhelm of chronic stress.  Unexpected fears are frequently the result of unaddressed anxiety.  Our unconscious mind finds ways to cope with too many stressors. These phobias can be an indicator that it is time for a change.

Common phobias/behaviors that can develop from untreated anxiety and stress:

  • Avoidance of public places, people and social activities
  • Fear of getting or opening the mail
  • Fear of driving
  • Fear of death or the loss of a loved one
  • Development of agoraphobia (not wanting to leave the house)
  • Discontinuation of regular activities such as shopping, doctor visits, or financial responsibilities
  • Refusal to answer the phone or return phone calls
  • Avoiding neighbors or answering the front door

While phobias can develop from a variety of causes, chronic stress can make us physically and mentally ill.  If you relate to any on these fears/behaviors or find yourself isolating and avoiding important life activities, seeking help would be wise. Unhealthy coping mechanisms will restrict your freedom to live a fulfilling life and leave you on the other side of joy.

The good news is by changing your patterns of thinking and habits, you can reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviors and fears.  Make a decision to seek help and make changes. Each moment is a fresh beginning. _Tolstoy

Stress less and celebrate life!


The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. -W. Churchill

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