Anxiety Uninterrupted: Part I: How does chronic stress and anxiety affect your life?

Anxiety Uninterrupted: Part I: How does chronic stress and anxiety affect your life?

 How does chronic stress and anxiety affect your life?


Anxiety is often the underlying cause of physical symptoms mistaken for other health conditions.  We frequently believe we have a serious medical condition long before we recognize we have anxiety, or even consider an anxiety disorder.  It is not uncommon for clients, specifically adults, to deny having anxiety but readily admit to worrying constantly.  A recent study from the National Institute of Mental Health revealed that nearly 70% of Americans suffer from at least one type of anxiety. This study should be no surprise to us: we live in a culture where stress is an accepted part of daily life.  From early ages, we are indoctrinated with ideas such as: busy is good, more is better, perform faster, accomplish more, and to demonstrate success by perfection-based ideology. 

Paradoxically, Americans seek ways to “manage stress” as opposed to "reducing stress". While it is true that some individuals have less stressful lives due to financial security or strong family support, it is also true that many of us elect to continue or add on more stressful activities, accept unmanageable workloads, and entertain stressful relationships in our lives.  

Taught to believe more is better, we frequently add too many things to our plates. We have difficulty setting boundaries or saying no. Many of us thrive on being busy, feeling a sense of pride about how busy we are. The inevitable outcome is chronic stress and adrenaline fatigue which has massive negative implications on our health.  Even more senseless is making unsuccessful attempts at trying to manage something unmanageable.

Pay attention to how often you hear the term stress management. The statement implies it is something to work on. According to health experts, stress reduction or elimination will add years to your lifespan.

While stress is an unavoidable part of life, the number of stressors we have, and how we respond to stress is a choice.


Choose less stress and you will live longer.  


Learn more about the physical and mental impact of Chronic Stress
In Part II of Anxiety Uninterrupted

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